Ahoy! You are about to embark on a truly epic treasure hunt with #MaxTheTeddy and his seafaring crew. On your voyage across the ultramarine sea, you will come across balmy beaches and arctic beauties. Remember: for a merry holiday season, you must collect all the Max Mara must-haves you can find.

Bon voyage!
Capitoli 5 Max Mara

#5 Wowing Elegance

Sea-glistening golden embroidery embellishes your special-occasion garments to break up the total black. Now all that’s left to do is to celebrate the feat with #MaxTheTeddy and his companions.

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Capitoli 4 Max Mara

#4 Snowy Hues

Recalling the beauty of glistening glaciers, this edit’s glittery whites are cozy and sophisticated alike.

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Capitoli 3 Max Mara

#3 Striking Boldness

Whether landlocked or seaborne, these Max Mara finds make a splash with bold reds and whites.

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Capitoli 2 Max Mara

#2 Shore-inspired Chic

Sandy camel colors and shimmery details define the discoveries, evoking the majestic feel of a seaside escape.

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Capitoli 1 (1) Max Mara

#1 Nautical Navy

Channeling the sea and the sailors that travel it, these picks deliver timeless tailoring as well as romantic ruffles in dark blue and white.

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4 Regali V2 (1) Max Mara

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Explore the alluring and exquisite pieces pulled from #MAXTHETEDDY’s latest trip. From signature coats in epic proportions to water bottles with teddy fabric holders, these unique finds will add to your holiday treasure trove and Max Mara wardrobe.

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